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Address: 24 Jurong Hill, Singapore

Email: [email protected]

About company: is an advanced investment platform based in Jurong, Singapore. It was established February 2020. We are strictly into trading, mining with lots of investment and assets in paid adverts, HYIPs, ICOs, Forex also buying signals from big exchanges. vision is to build a strong alliance and everlasting partnership with our investors; also leading them to financial Independence.

Our software system was developed to give our investors around the world a profit with varying ROI depending on the amount of funds invested.

All associates join via the easy and affordable link registration which will establish a powerful international alliance for world trade.

All investors from any country will share business ideas and the most important part of it, in a certain way, the profits will be directly distributed to all associates worldwide.

  •  You get 10% from any deposit made by your direct referral.


  1. As the next author writes in a review, it is foolish to believe the legend on the site. Creators of AssetG. Finance talk about careers, gold mines and their own token. The coin does not have a public address on the blockchain that would show the current state of affairs. All the promises of the creators are made up as a distraction. In fact, they do not have the opportunity to make payments, because there is no real activity.

  2. In his review, the client said that he made a minimum deposit in order to understand how the case would end. It does not consider AssetG. Finance as a serious investment project that you can trust. Some profit comes from staking. Big doubts about the ASG token. It may not pass the listing and become a liquid commodity.

  3. Only lovers of freebies can invest in such an office. This opinion was shared in the NichoSire review. The site actively operates a referral program to attract more investors. Maybe the first participants are paid, but only for the fact that they fool the rest. Stay away from AssetG. finance.

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