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About company, founded in 2017 in Dubai, is simply the fastest and easiest way to buy or sell used cars online. With millions of vehicles listed from thousands of dealers nationwide you are sure to find the perfect vehicle. Selling your vehicle? List it here, for free. It is our goal to offer the millions of shoppers on the most efficient solution to connect buyers with new or used cars for sale.


  1. Black or white “- a car dealership, like any fairly large organization with a staff and experience of working with impressive money, cannot be exceptionally good, or only bad. The human factor, unforeseen circumstances, an elementary misunderstanding between the client and the seller, which occurred for objective reasons ( bad mood of the buyer, the atmosphere in the salon, etc.) can provoke misunderstanding, conflict, and an irresistible desire to leave a negative review wherever possible! the work of client managers, and those who are disappointed in it for one reason or another

  2. Before making such a serious purchase as a car, prudent car owners get acquainted in advance with reviews on the Internet about the car dealerships they are interested in. Here they are incited by a big trap – as a rule, immediately after opening, gray salons invest in creating and maintaining a positive reputation about themselves, buying positive opinions about themselves from review sites.

  3. And yet, as a person who had a conflict of interest with Avtozakaz, I must admit that Avtozakaz is one of the largest firms in Vladivostok that imports cars from auctions in Japan and Korea. It should be noted that Autoorder always fulfills its obligations. And the manager Maxim Seleznev is always ready to settle the conflict and find a compromise, both in my case and with other clients. Good luck and prosperity to Autoorder.

  4. Then I met with a real buyer, I realized that the topic is working, you can carry it. The buying process didn’t take long. On terms from the button to customs 2 and a half months. Nothing was stolen from the cabin, everything is as in the photo from the port, the bodywork is also free of shipping defects.

  5. Hello Anastasia!
    We are sorry that communication with our manager Vladislav left you not the most pleasant impression. You were interested in the price of Prado, in order to advise you on this issue, Vladislav needed additional technical data from you – what engine size do you need, gasoline or diesel, equipment, mileage, etc. He asked you to clarify this information. You, unfortunately, refused to answer these questions. It is unfortunate that the request to be more specific in your request seemed rude to you – without this data, it is difficult for the manager to name the price of the car.

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