Restaurant Buono Reviews
Exquisite panoramic restaurant from Ginza Project in the Ukraine Hotel.
Restaurant of the Central House of Writers Reviews
The restaurant of the Central House of Writers on Povarskaya
Restaurant Lapot Reviews
An atmospheric restaurant of Russian cuisine in the heart of
Restaurant Savva Reviews
A star team, chef's table dinners, fascinating gastronomic stories and
Restaurant Matryoshka Reviews
A representative restaurant of Russian cuisine from Maison Dellos on
Restaurant Korsh Theater Reviews
An atmospheric restaurant at the dramatic Theater of Nations, located
Restaurant Aristocrat Moscow Reviews
“Aristocrat” is a spectacular restaurant with a view program and
Varvarka 3 Reviews
Varvarka 3 is a restaurant, cigar club and wine boutique
360 Restaurant Reviews
Restaurant "360" is located on the 89th floor of the
Restaurant Butler Reviews
Butler is an Italian restaurant on Patriarch's. That same mansion