50x  Review

Website: https://50x.com/ru

About company:

50x positions itself as a new generation cryptocurrency exchange. Its difference is the trading core based on the quantum CPU. This ensures high transaction speed. 50x founded in 2018. Registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Supports trading of 35 cryptocurrency pairs. Margin trading is available with a maximum leverage of 1:300. The trading commission is 0.2%. It is charged from both the taker and the maker.

3 thoughts on “50x  Review

  1. Excellent exchange. The first is the safety of funds! Here’s the best implementation. Set up a withdrawal delay of three days, at least for 2fa, use an old smartphone without the Internet and a SIM card. With this set, no one will ever steal your money. No discrimination against Russians, no identity verification and no limits on

  2. Reliable exchange. SEO is a competent specialist in programming! You can always get his expert opinion on a question/problem!!! Customer-oriented technical support did not meet! Unless Tinkoff Bank, but that’s about something else! They always answer very quickly! It is possible with fiat through the gateway, but I use the bestchange …

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