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About company

Analytics Space is one of the world’s fastest growing online CFD and FX brokerage. Our high tech trading platform and low-cost investment solutions are your gateway to the financial markets.

Our Company

Trading the financial markets is our expertise. For more than 5 years now, we’ve assisted our clients with reaching their financial goals by accessing liquidity and managing risks. Analytics Space connects its traders to CFD trading on Currency Pairs, Stocks, Commodities, Indices and Cryptocurrencies. Our core strengths, hands-on experience, cutting-edge technology, and neverending network allows us to provide an innovative, state-of-the-art trading platform anytime and anywhere our clients are.

We feature around-the-clock customer support and execute perfect trading solutions for our traders. See for yourself how our advanced web-based and mobile technology, unique trading tools and transparent operation combine to create the perfect trading environment.


  1. We talked for eight minutes. In the end he asked whose Crimea. In the handset it was audible that someone was smashing something.

  2. He started almost $ 2000, the trader also added $ 8000 money himself plus insurance 80000r raised 14000, he said we will withdraw $ 10000 SET for withdrawal, the money did not come, but SMS came you need to pay a tax of 13%. Pay 109000r and then you will take your $ 100000. And the amount is not withdrawn by commissions as this is a European platform. Money is not returned to the platform!

  3. Fraud company!!! First time contacted the brokerage company. Naturally, I started with a minimum, transferred $ 120. The agent insisted very strongly to transfer at least $1,000. The first three deals were tempting, then they gave me a deal and decided to open another deal myself, and it started to go downhill so much that I thought it was definitely a scam. The agent called, started asking about an agreement to transfer at least $ 1,000. Naturally, I began to ask what was the matter? You made a deal and we are in the red. Naturally, I said I was not ready and did not want to work like that. So I think they intervened, as they say, manually and immediately everything took off, so I think, in order to lure. Already 100% sure of the scam, he refused to continue working, he wanted to withdraw his investments, to hell with them with income, and then they reject the withdrawal of funds.

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