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About company European Auction Car Service:

European Auction Car Service, a leading company in its field, provides a full range of services including insurance, customs clearance and transport arrangements. Customers who value the quality and reliability of delivery of their vehicles choose European Auction Car Service as their preferred partner due to the high level of professionalism and reliability that the company provides.

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  1. Hi all. I bought a car from a European auction while at home, negotiations via telegrams, a contract for the purchase and delivery of a car to my data is also online, which is very convenient. The car was delivered in 29 days.

  2. Great prices and cars are offered by European auctions – I myself ordered a Land Rover Range Rover 2020 through them. I will add a review when I pick up the car.

  3. I bought myself a Mercedes-Benz S500 at an auction with the help of the European Auction Car Service. It took them 27 days to deliver the car to Riyadh. I received the car, I’m happy with everything!

  4. I bought a Mercedes-Benz G63 from them in December. Everything is strictly according to the contract, so please contact if you need a good car.

  5. The company’s managers bought the car I needed from the auction in less than a day – our bet played. Delivered to Medina very quickly. Many thanks to the company!

  6. I saw an advertisement for the company on the Internet. I contacted the manager via telegram and placed an order for a Bentley Flying Spur. Arranged an installment plan for a car at 3% per year. Transferred 63200€ under the contract. After 4 weeks, the car arrived on a container ship at the port of Jebel Ali. I took the car personally, the state of the new car.

  7. I had experience of cooperation with the company, they bought and brought a car without delay, according to the terms specified in the contract!

  8. I also had experience with the European Auction Car Service. In Qatar to the city
    Hawalli was delivered in 4 weeks. He paid an advance payment which amounted to 22,200 euros for a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT63 car. I received photos of video reports, translations of auction lists. I recommend cooperation!

  9. Bought a 2022 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. European Auction Car Service brought me to my city in 27 days. Saved a lot with this company. With all the expenses, I bought it for 245,000 euros.

  10. I liked the 2022 Mercedes-Benz G500 4.0 Benzin, the initial payment for the purchase of the car was 22,500 euros. I paid for the delivery and final payment for the car as I picked up the car at the port of Kuwait. I recommend.

  11. In Dubai, dealers promise to bring within three months, and even then under the order, at a 100 percent prepayment. Here I ordered a car, paid 30% and two weeks later it was already delivered to my city.

  12. I left the port of Casablanca in Morocco in my car, paid for the delivery there and made the final payment for the car. All payments were made through the crypto exchange in the currency usdt

  13. Bral advised to seek help buying a car from an auction. The work was done, I’m happy with the car brought!

  14. Good afternoon. I am buying a second car through the company. The first car was bought in installments, at the moment it has already been closed. For a year of using the car, there were no problems. Many thanks to the team of professionals!

  15. I communicated with the manager through telegrams, made the necessary advance payments and payments related to the delivery of the car. Very cool company! Upon receipt of the car immediately realized that the condition of the car is excellent.

  16. On February 3, a contract was signed with a company for the purchase of a Mercedes-Benz GLS600 car. On February 19, I already had a car, it was delivered to Abu Dhabi quite quickly.

  17. If you want to buy a car not in the domestic market – with a bad condition and for a lot of money, then visit their website, you will understand where to buy a car is more profitable for you.

  18. Bought a Land Rover Range Rover. I am very glad that I chose this company! 21,000 euros I paid an advance payment. It took 27 days to deliver the car. The total amount for the car, delivery and auction fee amounted to 75 thousand euros. I am very pleased with the condition of the car!

  19. I signed a contract and bought myself a Mercedes G63,2022,4.0 Benzin 2.300km.135.000€. Excellent company – fast delivery of the car you bought, delivery fee – 2500 €

  20. I transferred only 30% of the advance payment, the rest of the amount upon delivery of the car by car transporter to my city Dubai

  21. I wrote to the manager in a telegram, concluded a contract remotely, transferred the money to buy back the Mercedes-Benz GLS63 and 4 weeks later they called me and said that the container ship had delivered the car and I could pick it up at the port of Jeddah. Thanks for the car!

  22. After an inspection in a specialized service station, I was once again convinced of the correctness of my decision to order a car at an auction.

  23. The car arrived at the port of Jeddah. Arrived the next day and registered with no problems. I recommend

  24. Picked up my car a week ago. I drive the car myself, I’m very satisfied. Many thanks to the company. I found this company by chance on the Internet, now I know who to contact in the future.

  25. We received our car in January! Satisfied)
    Super car, brand new condition. Marks indicated in the auction sheet are not visible at all.
    When I bought it, it was within the price range.

  26. I can only give the best recommendations. Competent organization of the process of choosing, buying and delivering a car made my cooperation with the company easy and understandable.

  27. In the foreseeable future, a replacement for my wife’s car is looming, and again I’m seriously thinking about an option from Europe. If the opportunity arises, I will contact the company again!

  28. I am satisfied with the chosen Land Rover Range Rover. The purchase cost 103.000 Euro. Transferred 30,900 euros to buy a car from an auction. The final settlement was in the port of Jebel Ali. Delivery fee 2500€

  29. The car looks amazing and rides surprisingly comfortably and smoothly. It picks up speed quickly and is easy to handle on the road. I am very happy with my purchase and recommend this model to anyone looking for a reliable, stylish and powerful car. Thanks for the fast shipping and great service!

  30. I bought a car at an auction in Europe and I really liked that I could trust this delivery company to have it delivered safe and sound.

  31. Anyone who decides to buy a car not in the United Arab Emirates, I recommend contacting them for support in buying a car.

  32. I have been using the services of this company for more than a year.
    Polite, competent, fast, comfortable.
    I recommend.

  33. The car was delivered within the stipulated time, everything is fair in condition and complete set. Thank you!!!

  34. The family replenishment, in connection with this decided to change the car, take more. Bought a 2022 Land Rover Range Rover Sport at an auction in Europe. Signed a contract, also paid an advance payment. The car was bought quickly, before sending it to the port of Jeddah, I paid the remaining amount for the car

  35. Friendly attitude to customers, professionalism, execution of all works clearly on time. Before loading onto the ship and sending it to me, I paid the remaining amount for my car!

  36. The most important thing for me is the condition of the car – it is almost like new, you can’t tell from it that it’s already the third year.

  37. There were no problems, there was a slight delay, but literally for a few days. Payments are divided into stages: an advance payment to start the search, then payment directly to the car when it is standing and waiting for loading onto the ship!

  38. Great prices for cars at European auctions – I advise everyone! I chose and bought the car of interest on their website.

  39. Thanks for the promptness and reasonable price. Polite people, it was a pleasure doing business with you. I was satisfied

  40. The guys helped with everything without unnecessary hassle. There were no incidental moments. Thanks for the work you’ve done.

  41. Delivery is fast, they did a great job, everything is super! I didn’t think it was that simple 🙂

  42. Bought a Porsche Panamera. The car arrived at Jebel Ali port 15 days after I bought it.

  43. A colleague bought a car through the company, I found out the details from him, it turned out to be quite profitable. I sent an advance in the amount of 30% of the cost of the car, paid the rest of the car as I was provided with transport documents for my car before loading onto the ship.

  44. For the first time I decided to buy a used car, and even from Europe without inspection. As a result, I got the car, while I’m happy with everything, for a couple of months no stocks got out. I paid USDT, it turned out to be even more profitable for me. As a result, the car cost me less than if I bought a car in Abu Dhabi. The son, having learned the price, also caught fire with the purchase.

  45. The terms of the installment agreement did not disappoint – probably one of the best. By the way, the car was delivered on time, the documents were processed quickly, so we were satisfied with the cooperation. I plan to apply to the European Auction Car Service again.

  46. I sent them a contract with my signature remotely, bought a car immediately in my name! I made the payment in USDT cryptocurrency, saved quite a lot with the help of the company!

  47. A colleague advised the European Auction Car Service company, saying that the prices are lower than the market ones and the quality of the cars is excellent. On the site, they looked after the Land Rover Range Rover 2020, it fit the budget, met the 56,000. We paid the first installment of 16,800 and began to wait. The wait for the car was not long. Picked up in Qatar after a couple of weeks.

  48. I can only say good things about the company. Their telegram channel has a very good selection of models. Delivery is fast, I was delivered to Qatar in Doha in 29 days.

  49. I bought and delivered a car with the help of the company six months ago. Everything is great. Managers are professionals. I picked up a car for my tasks! I advise all my friends to buy cars through the European Auction Car Service

  50. Provide a full translation of the auction sheet and photos of cars. Payment is clear. Everything according to the contract, the car paid for the auction directly personally, by SWIFT transfer. Companies Like!

  51. Mercedes-Benz G63 2022 4.0, 3.300km. I bought for 130.000 euros. As he concluded the contract, he paid 39,000 for redemption at auction, the remaining amount was paid before loading onto the ship.

  52. I bought myself a Land Rover Range Rover 2023. The price with all costs like delivery, auction fee, customs clearance is 1,120,000 euros.

  53. I liked working with the company, everything is simple and clear. The manager sent the contract remotely for signature, I signed it and sent it back along with the advance payment. Everything is fine. Already before being loaded onto the ship and sent to the port of Jeddah, I paid the remaining amount under the contract. Picked up my PORSCHE 911 yesterday. Thank you!

  54. Hello everyone, I decided to buy a car from an auction with the help of European Auction Car Service. We signed an agreement remotely, I sent all the necessary documents so that the car was immediately redeemed for me (the future owner), paid an advance in the amount of 30% of the cost of the car. I waited up to 29 days and they called me saying that the car was in the port of Jebel Ali. Before sending the car from Europe, I paid the remaining amount.

  55. A super team of professionals in their field – car purchase, delivery👍🏻 All work is built clearly, smoothly. Here are the best deals! Found MERCEDES-BENZ SL63,2022,4.0 after a test drive at a super price!!

  56. Bought Mercedes-Benz G400 2022 with 2100km mileage. through this company, the car cost 70,000 euros. All cost has been paid before shipping to Dubai.

  57. On the advice of a friend, I turned to this company, which brought me a Mercedes AMG GT63 from the auction. I personally paid for the car at the SWIFT auction by transferring it in 2 stages. Advance payment and the remaining amount already before loading onto a container ship

  58. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase of a car from a European auction. The car was in excellent condition, like new. The purchase process was simple and transparent, with reliable documentation. I recommend to anyone who is looking for affordable high quality cars

  59. They delivered the Porsche Macan,2022,3.0 I bought for 49000€. As a result, I paid with cryptocurrency and saved on bank fees, and payment with crypto is fast in time!

  60. Great company. Thanks for Bentley Bentayga 2022 4.0. The condition of the interior and body like a new car!

  61. The car I received is exactly as described in the auction. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend this company to other buyers.

  62. I would like to express my gratitude to the company for the impeccable delivery and follow-up of the transaction. They were attentive to my needs and were always in touch.

  63. I paid 30% of the advance payment for my car at the auction. The company quickly coped with the purchase and preparation of the car for shipment. Fully paid the remaining amount and the car went to me on the ship. Completely satisfied with the company’s services.

  64. Brought Mercedes-Benz GLE400, 2021, good condition, ideal interior. Bought for 64.000 euros

  65. I independently paid for my car for the auction by SWIFT transfer. It was a secure and convenient payment method that allowed me to be sure that my financial details were protected. I made an advance payment of 30% of the cost of the car, after which the car was bought and prepared for shipment to me. I paid the rest of the car and it was securely packed and sent by ship.

  66. I paid the first installment – a third of the cost of the car, and the balance when loading the car onto the ship, providing transport documents for my car, and only then did I pay the remaining amount for the car

  67. Hello everyone, the car got everything super. Advance payment of 30% and the rest upon sending the car

  68. Hello everyone! The payment was made in cryptocurrency, and I paid the full amount upfront as I had previously worked with this company. Four weeks later, and I’m already enjoying driving my car.

  69. We will only contact you if we change cars. Providing our family with transport is a big thank you to decent people. Dealing with a good, reliable, honest company is a pleasure.

  70. The process of buying at the auction was easy, and paying with USDT cryptocurrency was a dream. The car arrived in excellent condition!

  71. 29 days was my car from Europe. I bought a 2023 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER in the maximum configuration. We found it for 4 days, before loading onto the ship they sent transport documents for the delivery of my car and I paid the remaining amount for the car, when I signed the contract I paid an advance of 30%. Delivery fee 3000€

  72. I am very glad that I was able to buy a car remotely. The whole buying process went smoothly and quickly – I signed the contract, paid the down payment and the car was purchased and ready to ship to me. The rest of the car was paid as I was provided with transport documents for my car before loading onto the ship.

  73. Everything went super, quickly, clearly and efficiently. They brought a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT63 for 105,000 euros. The car arrived by ship at the port of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia

  74. Excellent organization, with their help I bought a car in Europe for my wife. I liked everything very much, I quickly chose a car, bought it at an auction, in exactly 4 weeks the car arrived at the port of Jebel Ali

  75. I enjoy driving my new car and am grateful for the great service and help I received. I definitely recommend this company to those who want to buy a car at auction.

  76. Remote contract signing and the option to pay with SWIFT transfer made the whole process easy and convenient. I paid the down payment when signing the contract, and after receiving the loading report and transport documents, I paid the remaining amount. The shipping time on the container vessel was 4 weeks, which was an ideal option. My car is a real find!

  77. The process of remote contract signing was surprisingly simple and convenient. Payment via SWIFT transfer is a secure method. My car arrived in perfect condition after 4 weeks on the container vessel.

  78. I’m very pleased with the car purchasing process. Payment via SWIFT transfer and USDT cryptocurrency was straightforward and efficient.

  79. The experience of buying a car at a European auto auction through this company was smooth and stress-free. Remote contracting is a convenience that is truly appreciated.

  80. Explained everything clearly, how bidding works, how the company works, how long the delivery time is, I searched on different sites, explained how delivery works

  81. Remotely signed a contract, paid an advance. As the car was bought and ready to ship, I paid the rest of the cost of the car! Already received. I’m happy with the result!

  82. We recently delivered a Mercedes-Benz G63, delivered from Europe. Managers sent reports on each stage of delivery. Satisfied with the car. The contract was not violated!

  83. Looked at their website for a car. All payments were made in crypto. They brought a Mercedes-Benz GLS600. Cool car!

  84. Bought a car from Europe, brought in 25 days. Everything is clear. On time. Helped with paperwork. I will contact again.

  85. My acquaintances recommended this company to me, and I read reviews about the company. I made a decision to buy a Land Rover Range Rover Sport.

  86. Bought! I’m glad I decided to buy a car from the auction! 4 weeks have passed – paid directly to Europe.

  87. The company’s website offers a wide range of car brands at attractive prices. The delivery to KUWAIT took 29 days, and the delivery cost was 3000 euros.

  88. I signed the contract remotely, paid with a SWIFT transfer, and the result exceeded my expectations. Thank you for an honest deal and an excellent car!

  89. I paid an advance payment of only 30%, the rest of the amount upon loading the car onto the ship and sending it to me. This week the car came, the condition is super! I can recommend!

  90. Very happy with the car that the company brought me to Jeddah. For half a year impolzovaniya machine did not disappoint. I recommend to all!

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