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About company:

The BingX exchange supports spot trading in cryptocurrencies, fiat, derivatives and commodities. The project has been operating since 2018. It has licenses for exchange activities issued in several countries. BingX has a built-in copy tool for professional traders. As well as trading in demo mode. For registration on the exchange, the user receives a bonus of up to $100.

3 thoughts on “BingX  Review

  1. The app works just fine! A very convenient and intuitive interface, and most importantly, you can quickly withdraw funds. There are various bonuses for deposits from $300. Reliable protection against scammers, I can not worry that my wallet will be hacked. Wonderful exchange – reko!

  2. Pretty good market. I like that there are many opportunities for trading not only spot, but also various derivatives. It works fine, I’m happy with everything, I’ve been using the services of this site for about a year. Never let me down, the interface is very convenient

  3. All sorts of drawings and contests are constantly held on the platform. You can raise cryptocurrencies for free, which is very pleasing. Convenient platform, there are tools for both beginners and professionals like me.

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