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3 thoughts on “ECONOMY REVIEW

  1. Before the next trip, as usual, I “jumped” on the Internet and “out of habit” hastily “booked” a car with receipt at the airport in Frankfurt am Main for 106 euros for 4 days, which were deducted from the card. Upon arrival at the airport, and upon receiving the car, I suddenly discovered that another 90 euros had been debited from the card. To my questions on the phone, the EB (EconomyBookings) employee assured me that there was nothing to pay, but the Dollar car rental employee, using German (which I do not speak at all), English and signs, explained to me that this some kind of extra insurance. I translated the letter from EB in an online translator into German and showed the Dollar employee, after which he still insisted on paying. There was no time to argy needs to go, I was asked to sign documents and I got a car , and not the one he booked … The employee explained to me that there were no Fords now. I asked if the price would remain the same, to which I received an affirmative answer. When I returned to the Russian Federation, I contacted EB and they explained to me that “I myself insisted on a different class of car and additional insurance.” EB apologized for the inconvenience and promised a 5% discount as compensation on the next booking and everything was quiet … Until the next trip …ue and prove something, I had to go already … Realizing that the person does not speak German and seeing that he reall

  2. Had the pleasure of booking a car through in February, booking number BG-B41289429. I received the car in Munich at the central station, through the office of Hertz, they have one representative office with Thrifty. Prepayment in the amount of 5189 rubles. removed immediately when booking through the site 02/13/19. And when I was already on a trip on February 20, an additional 2151.03 rubles were withdrawn from my card. for “Full Protection” insurance, which I did not endorse. When registering a car at the Hertz office, they had to pay for their own insurance in the amount of 38.68 euros, since insurance, according to the manager, has nothing to do with them.

  3. I urgently needed a car for rent, because my own was being repaired. Based on the reviews, I went to the Economy Booking website and did not regret it. Favorable prices and emphasis can be placed on the cost of rental insurance. Profitable, in comparison with other rental companies, it turned out to be 2 times cheaper and the refund is immediate. Support 24/7, always in touch, will answer any questions. Satisfied with the service, thank you!

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