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The Exmo cryptocurrency exchange acts as a platform for the exchange and trading of digital coins and real money. The company was founded in 2014 with a focus on clients from the CIS countries. During this time, the resource has demonstrated high reliability and has taken its niche in the post-Soviet space. The popularity of the service is evidenced by the fact that the number of registered users exceeds 1.5 million. At the same time, the daily trading volume reaches 20 million USD. Registration and verification To create a profile, enter your e-mail address on the official website exmo.com, create a login and password. To gain access to the services of a cryptocurrency exchange, you will need to pass verification. The client is required to confirm: identity. It is necessary to enter personal data and attach a scan of a national or international passport (ID-card). the address. Enter the details of the place of residence and attach a photo of the document confirming the address. This could be a tax document, a utility bill, a bank statement; appearance. Take a selfie photo holding your passport or ID-card, as well as a piece of paper with the current date indicated and signed by EXMO. The picture should be of good quality, and details should be clearly visible; payment card. Take a photo of both sides of the plastic card. The cryptocurrency exchange only accepts personalized cards belonging to the account holder. Cover with fingers 7 and 8 the digit of the number, CVV code and expiration date.

3 thoughts on “Exmo Review

  1. I have been trading on the stock exchange since its inception. input and output without problems. (there are sometimes stops for input / output, but this is due to technical work)
    in the comments they write about problems with withdrawals – you first deal with the functionality, and it, in comparison with other exchanges, is simple and intuitive + technical support

  2. The exchange in October 2022, without warning, converted my fiat dollars into the non-liquid crypto asset USDX 1: 1 under the euphonious pretext of saving my funds from possible sanctions. As a result, this asset sank by 40% to all other assets. And the exchange shrugs its hands and says that it is the market that forms

  3. I have been working with your exchange for a very long time, I have never had any complaints against you, smart technical support, quick resolution of all issues.
    It is also convenient to replenish “WAS” in cash USD through the balance card, and from it I can already make purchases of the crypto I need.

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