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Website: https://exon-trade.org

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Address: Beach mont Business Centre, Suite 96 P.O. Box 1510, Beachmont Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadine

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Exon Trade is one of the leading investment companies. It has gained the preference of large investors due to its multifunctional trading platform, professional analytical department and unique investment strategies. Exon Trade provides access to the world’s largest trading platforms.

Clients receive both practical and theoretical knowledge. By investing with Exon Trade, you get access to more than 250 different types of assets.

3 thoughts on “Exon Trade Review

  1. It is useless to try to establish a common language with these amateurs. I ended up at Exon Trade on the recommendation of a friend, but either his opinion was bought, or we see different sides of the coin. He praised the site, but I was not satisfied that from the very first deposit of 1000 bucks, 200 were withdrawn to pay for insurance. And if I started with the minimum wage, would they take everything off?! Further more – the terminal is inoperable, the support is rude, nothing can be withdrawn … Oh, to hell with them!

  2. Many call the intermediary promising, they say that the conditions are favorable, but I myself am in no hurry to register. The fact is that my colleague from the previous place has already gone bankrupt once, because he could not withdraw his own money, he was not allowed. And Exon Trade doesn’t even have certificates from the Central Bank, what will prevent it from laying hands on someone else’s good too? I would like to believe that my fears are groundless, but for now I will just observe the reputation of the broker to be sure that it is worth it

  3. I never thought that I would trust scammers, but it did happen. In vain I fell for the offer of Exon Trade, they turned out to be dishonest. The manager persuaded me to start with $ 2,000 so that the profit began to drip faster, and I was happy to try, immediately transferred the required amount. I had to check everything, in the end at least read the reviews, maybe this would have saved me from bankruptcy. In short, I quickly realized that because of the commissions for each closed transaction, nothing good would come of it, I tried to withdraw everything on the card, but I was immediately blocked.

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