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Address: Arch. Makariou III & 1-7 Evagorou, MITSI 3, 1st floor, office 102 C, 1065 Nicosia, Cyprus

About company:

For most traders one of the biggest problems they come across is not having enough Capital to trade and earn a comfortable income. They might have a solid trading strategy and start trading on a couple hundred dollars without having the ability to really scale their profits. If they do, it could take a while to grow a very small account.

As Traders and Investors, we know exactly what Traders go through and the frustrations they face.

That’s why we created Fidelcrest. A Proprietary Trading Firm that gives retail traders the ability to access larger Capital and really make a difference in their lives. Fidelcrest is a global operating company having its headquarters in Nicosia Cyprus, that welcomes ordinary traders to take our Challenge Verification and if they pass… They can manage up to $1M from anywhere in the world.

2 thoughts on “Fidelcrest Review

  1. This is some kind of blatant mockery. Not only is the lip not a fool, and, having less than 150,000 greenery, it’s not worth it to approach them, but they also arrange some kind of contests. I don’t think this could end well. Just imagine, transferring this amount to Fidelcrest, with whom it is impossible to contact … But aren’t the risks too big? And show me at least one person who would have such an amount and agree to the above conditions? It’s all kind of surreal, sorry.

  2. With the naked eye, you can see that this is a massive scam. And the owner of this “project” will become so rich that he will be assured of a comfortable life abroad for many years to come. Oh, I do not advise you to invest in Fidelcrest. The cost of a mistake is too high. My friend almost got into a loop because of the loss of $ 10,000, and here … 15 times more, and this is purely for trying to extract something. Do you realize how disproportionate to the risks the possibility of profit is?

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