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About Company:

Cryptocurrency exchange Intebix is ​​registered in Kazakhstan. The project has been operating since 2022. The company received licenses to conduct financial transactions in Australia and Estonia. To protect the funds and data of Intebix customers, the most advanced developments. The exchange supports transactions with 7 cryptocurrencies. There is no other information about the trading conditions on the platform website. The legal address of the company is also not indicated.

3 thoughts on “Intebix Review

  1. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but so far this exchange cannot be fully used. The launch phase may take a long time. Now it is still impossible to buy a crypt on the site, in this category there is a note “Soon”. And when this “soon” will end, it is not known. It is too early to judge the security of transactions. In advertising, they can promise anything, but in reality what?

  2. Miscellaneous still praise or scold this exchange. We need to see how this story develops in the future. I don’t like what I see at the moment. The exchange is still raw, there are no many instruments, there are few directions and assets. The support service is not yet working 24/7, so no one answered my message.

  3. I visited the site of this exchange for the sake of interest. There are two things that bother me at the moment. First ; almost no legal information, some sections are still empty or incomplete. Second; I did not see a feedback form or an online chat through which one could communicate with an operator or an exchange consultant.

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