PHEMEX  Review


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About company:

Cryptocurrency exchange PHEMEX has been operating since 2019. Founded by a former employee of Morgan Stanley. Registered in Singapore. The exchange supports trading of 30 cryptocurrencies. As well as about 200 currency pairs for spot transactions. The maximum leverage is 1:100. The audience of PHEMEX is more than 1 million users. Commissions charged: 0.025% from the taker and 0.075% from the maker. For making the first deposit, the user receives a welcome bonus of $100.

3 thoughts on “PHEMEX  Review

  1. The exchange has a collection of several hundred articles in which you can find a lot of useful information. Technical analysis, analysis of coins, reviews of instruments. I read and became a crypto trader!)

  2. It’s cool that the exchange is constantly adding new coins. Trading such coins is, of course, a big risk, but the profit from newly flipped coins is also pleasing!

  3. This was one of the worst companies I have dealt with, I don’t understand how I can invest my money and not be able to withdraw when I needed it at my convenience They ask me to pay more money before I be able to withdraw money I am paying because of my original

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