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WEBSITE: https://piastrix.com/

EMAIL: [email protected]

About company:

Cryptocurrency wallet Piastrix calls itself the “new standard e-wallet”. Among the declared advantages are the convenience, speed and safety of using the service.
The main page of the site piastrix.com in Russian is as follows.
There is practically no contact information, you can only contact via email [email protected]. On the territory of which country this project is registered, who are its founders, the date of creation of the service - all this remains a mystery, since there is no information about this in the public domain.
List of supported coins
There is practically no information about the list of supported coins, on the piastrix.com website itself it is only said that “all payment methods are in one wallet” here. The Piastrix administration offers to replenish the wallet and make payments from it “by any popular methods”.
Despite the lack of a complete list, there are logos of supported payment systems, including SWIFT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Alfa-Bank, etc. You can use bank cards, judging by the presence of the corresponding icon.
How to use the Piastrix wallet
The project administration highlights several advantages that should distinguish this service from its competitors.
Customer funds and personal data are securely protected.
Technical support works 24/7.
It is possible to protest the transaction - Piastrix can help return the money if the client was dissatisfied with the quality of the seller's service or did not receive it.
In order to experience all these benefits, you need to open your wallet “with just a few clicks”.
The user agreement says that the user undertakes to be identified on the site in order to gain access to the wallet. Client identification involves providing the necessary information depending on the type of wallet.
The same document states that the provider provides the client with the opportunity to select the type of wallet at the time of identification. The user can register and use only one wallet.
It is worth noting that Piastrik offers to download its mobile application to smartphones or tablets so that “the balance and transfers are always under control.” There are no download links, you will have to manually search for the application in the Play Market and the App Store.
Piastrix limits and commissions
The project administration promises that users will be able to enjoy "maximum limits" with "minimum commissions", since the service directly cooperates with all major payment service providers.
However, there are no specifics about limits or commissions on the site, and even studying the user agreement does not allow you to find out any exact numbers. The only way to find out how this project really works is to study reviews of Piastrix.
The Piastrix crypto wallet reports relatively little information about itself. For communication, it is proposed to use only e-mail - this is a clear minus, since even using an online chat would be more convenient and faster for some clients. In addition, the absence of an exact list of supported cryptocurrencies and electronic payment systems is confusing.
Of course, Piastrix reviews are the best source of information, as they are written by real customers of this service and convey their real experience and impressions. However, the opinion of an independent expert should not be neglected either.

3 thoughts on “Piastrix  Review

  1. Just the other day I had to try out a new electronic wallet, due to the fact that the monetix was not in the “cash” section, I registered in “Piastrix”. Interestingly, making a deposit turned out to be easy, but withdrawing money is still not…

  2. People, be careful, I checked it on my own skin, then on two more virtual cards. specially. The piastrix service has a replenishment function from the rf card and a button to save the card. So I didn’t save it anywhere else, they wrote it off first …

  3. Good day to all. Not so long ago I downloaded and installed this wallet for myself. In the beginning, everything was great and instant. But the other day I made a request to withdraw funds to the card and that’s it. Status pending. Those…

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