PointPay  Review

Website: https://pointpay.io/

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About company:

PointPay is a cryptocurrency platform founded in 2018. It offers several financial products: native token, cryptocurrency exchange, payment system, wallet and online banking service. The latest PointPay tool allows you to make a profit by staking cryptocurrencies in your account. For this, the client receives an income in the amount of 6 to 30%, depending on the cryptocurrency used. In addition, educational materials on crypto are published on the project website.

3 thoughts on “PointPay  Review

  1. Cool platform, I invited my friends and I trade on the stock exchange with good discounts)) It would be ideal if we added current exchange rates so that everything is at hand, now you need to look elsewhere. I also use a wallet…

  2. I started trading recently, just a couple of weeks ago, but so far so good! I switched from another more promoted exchange, here at least the interface is in Russian and it’s convenient that there is a wallet and a bank and training – in short, all together …

  3. I think that the PP is a reliable platform, it has everything you need for trading and a clear website where it is easy to contact support. The guys came up with a whole ecosystem, I’m completely delighted, it’s very convenient. Especially for those who buy…

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