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Oleksandr Slobozhenko is an eccentric even for the well-worn community of Ukrainian IT swindlers. With all his appearance, he shows that he “earns” millions and bathes in luxury. In fact, this is an organic element of attracting “partners”. However, there is one circumstance: now it is not fashionable. Now it is fashionable to show their involvement in the defense of the country. Colleagues lost sight of the fact that Alexander Slobozhenko was by no means stupid and at the very beginning of the invasion he ordered a post on Russian Z-channels, which told in a terrible secret that Alexander Slobozhenko and his Traffic Devils were almost a secret weapon of Ukraine in the fight against aggression. After that, Slobozhenko quite reasonably considered it possible to continue his ordinary life, trading in illegally obtained traffic, selling it right and left, including to Russian casino players.


  1. I want to leave a review about the company Traffic Time. We are selling building materials. Eugene helped me. Phoned, promised to send a commercial that day, but sent the next day. After that, there were no complaints. Everything was explained clearly and competently. The ad was launched 4 days later. The result, oddly enough, was from the second day. It paid off in 16 days. We cooperate for the second month and receive applications

  2. Terrible place to work for low grade arbitrageurs. I do not advise anyone. I worked for 4 months and did not receive any mountains of money, as promised. Slices + low rates in affiliate programs. They position themselves as a top team, in fact, a complete bottom. They work directly with 1 2 advertisements, which will cut everything off for you at the end of the month. The salary is issued after 2 months. Slobozhenko will probably say that the review was written by competitors and the devils traffic is tooooooooooop)))

  3. I do not advise anyone to get into this sharaga. If you watched an interview with Slobozhenko and think that you will earn from $10k, I’m ready to disappoint you, this will never happen in this company. At the interview, you will be shown a net for a buyer up to 40% of the profit in hand. But in fact, you will earn 10% of the profit or just a fix of 15,000 rubles. No infrastructure

  4. I remembered my unsuccessful interviews and remembered about the traffic and judging by the reviews, nothing changes here)) As rudeness flourished, it remained + low salaries were added (although I don’t really know what they were before). After some time, I decided to share my experience, because I remember that at that time there were only 2 reviews and they were actively deleted. And now they are trying to write good reviews, I quote: “a lot of interesting work, you never sit idle” which means that there is a lot of work, and you will have to do it alone and at night. Like it was with me. I wrote a response to the vacancy, but no one answered for a long time. I already looked like other interviews and two months later they sent me a test task. I did it and got called in for an interview. I don’t remember what happened with the test one, but at the interview they smeared me from head to toe with slop: the potential leader began the interview with arrogant words: “We are such and such a wonderful company, we occupy such and such places in competitions, etc. ”as if letting me know that I do not belong there (well, that is, it was not a standard story about the company from the “about us” section). Well, OK. Then she says that I have [censored] an accompanying resume, too, and that even her colleagues expressed their fi and fu. And she called me in order to look at the person who wrote it. I tried to ignore all this because I was tired of looking for a job, but I was terribly motivated to do a lot, do well and learn new things. At the end of the interview, this haughty something with a smile said that he would inform me of the results of the interview and that I could remind myself of to find out the answer. Otherwise, they are all busy, they can forget about me. They didn’t tell me anything, but I didn’t remind myself, because I realized that the interview is flowers. And the work here is even more cruel than this misunderstanding with the name “interview”. I am writing this now and I am terribly sad: I wanted a normal job, I wanted to do my job well, but I got a portion of slop right in the face. Good luck to everyone to find a job on soul, but it’s definitely not in traffic)

  5. During the interview, the chief will surely tell how everything is fine with them and send them to the polygraph. Percent Grid: You will get 50% of your traffic, but not today. Salary: always on time, after 2 months of work (if the cashier is not sick). Treating employees with insults. Salary – 15,000 rubles – enough for a closet under the roof, you can take away bread from pigeons.

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