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About company:

The A4 finance cryptocurrency project was launched in 2021. The investment proposal of the project is the staking of the native A4 finance token. The platform is being actively developed. Recently, a native wallet was launched, a cryptocurrency payment card, game applications for receiving coins and other services were released. Supports operations with non-fungible tokens. The predicted return on investment is up to 198%.

4 thoughts on “A4 finance  Review

  1. I earned almost 1200 dollars in two months on banal staking in A4 finance, I wanted to get half of what I earned on the card and the withdrawal was made in less than a day. On the account itself, the funds were instantly converted. This is already on my map, they did not come so quickly. But overall the service is good.
    I am glad that even on their website everything is as transparent as possible. There is information about the status of assets, who will have how much and how much it will be sold for. I managed to buy more at a normal price. As far as I know, the next batch will rise in price from March 1.
    And as soon as they connect the purchase of NFT, I will make A4 my main platform and I will earn on the sale and purchase of drawings.

  2. You won’t get me at all with cryptocurrencies, prospects and some rosy promises about potential money in the future. But somehow, with these guys from A4 finance, everything immediately went smoothly. There were two reasons for this: they communicated with me very politely and there were very clear plans and positions that should have been achieved by 2022.
    Actually, at the time of my registration, everything was already actively developing. I saw the positive feedback from the participants and I was included in the group of investors, where everyone shared how they earn money inside the ecosystem.
    I understand that now is only the beginning of the launch and the most interesting things are ahead, but I’m quite accomplished. I am glad that in support I am constantly notified about every step of the company. This is the service everyone should strive for!

  3. I waited a long time for the result, I thought that since the guys were moving according to plan, my assets would definitely grow up soon. But about seven months have passed and the situation has not changed at all. The only thing left was activity in the telegram channel. Some news was published there from time to time. But for me this is not an indicator. You can also post what you have prepared.
    However, it is now the first decade of 2022 and by this time they have not launched a bounty campaign and there is generally silence about holding a hackathon and publishing on any platforms. Most likely nothing will happen. I am only glad that I did not invest a very large amount, and in which case it will not be so insulting.

  4. In a project with ido, I took it for a long time, I immediately understood that there would be no fast Xs here. The team is good, works according to the roadmap (sometimes something is delayed, but the main thing is that they work and release products). The support is great, the CEO himself often responds to chat messages. I threw everything into staking and got high, don’t care if the exchange rate drops, I know that when training, products are released and marketing starts, the token will easily cost $1+. The project partners with a millionaire blogger Vlad Bumaga with 40 million subscribers on YouTube and this is not a fake, he himself answered in the project chat from his official telegram.

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