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About company

EXBI is a token sale platform that gives users the opportunity to access promising Web3 projects in the early stages of development.
Investments in promising Web3 projects
Proven Web3 projects you can trust. Supported by industry-leading creators and foundations.
Our advantages
Innovation, safety and comfort.
Selection of promising projects
We carefully analyze and select the most innovative crypto startups to lead you to success.
Safety and reliability
We pay special attention to protecting your funds and data using advanced encryption technologies.
Community support
Connect with like-minded people, share experiences and get advice from experts in our vibrant investor community.


  1. It is still too early to draw conclusions for Bystokes. As a typical modern crypto project, they muddied their ecosystem, in which only the exchange works so far. Trading on it is almost the same as any other, the terminal is standard, so you can work with charts and indicators, open different types of orders, analyze prices, etc. In general, nothing unusual. The speed of execution is on the level, in general I am even surprised by the high liquidity in such a small and young project. They usually have problems with this. But the commissions could be made even lower, here you can immediately see the desire of the owners to raise the dough. Although this suggests that in the future they are unlikely to bully them, otherwise everyone will leave here. At the moment, I have a positive attitude towards the exchange, I hope in the future they will not come off.

  2. For now I’ll give it 4/5. The site came to me, if you want to purely trade crypto, then there is almost everything you need – a convenient terminal with a clear interface, several types of orders, all information about price movements on charts, various indicators, etc. There is not enough application, and the mobile version seemed inconvenient to me . Everything is fine with commissions, but I expected a little more loyal conditions, because they opened not so long ago. In short, we need to see what happens next.

  3. Про биржу узнал из рекламы, за регистрацию давали бонус в 2к рублей. Сейчас, кстати, акцию вроде остановили. Вообще, если бы не этот бонус, то скорее всего регаться бы не стал. Внешне площадка меня не особо впечатлила. Ну реально, тут нет ничего, что я не могу получить у проверенных бирж. Если только после запуска других модулей их экосистемы будет что-то интересное. Как торговая площадка – средне. Есть несколько маркетов, но самих инструментов не особо много. Также были небольшие проблемы с проверкой доков, но там все утряслось быстро. С выводом вроде все ок, у меня проблем не было, деньги получил.

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