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The new AMAZY project will allow users to earn internal tokens by walking and running in NFT sneakers. The distance covered in AMAZY sneakers is fixed via GPS. The cost of the first set of NFTs will be $100. Users will then be able to create their own sneakers based on them and sell them. The project uses Binance Smart Chain as the blockchain. You can also get NFTs for free by participating in a drawing held among platform subscribers.

3 thoughts on “AMAZY.IO REVIEWS

  1. I have now lost more than 50% of the money invested on one such project. It’s a shame as hell. Campaign will be the same here – the next shaving of hamsters. I don’t think it’s worth flying in here, it’s more like a regular scam.

  2. The site is made beautifully, but hastily. However, in such a short period of time they have already done quite a lot of work. I understand that they are in a hurry, that it is necessary to have time to fly into this industry before others, because whoever gets up first gets the slippers. But despite such a rush, they do everything qualitatively. I learned about Amazi from Instagram, saw a recommendation from my favorite blogger. I wanted to invest here, but there are no tokens for sale yet, and everything that appears is a scam. But I will already be preparing a “patty” for investments here. Still, I just want to walk and get paid for it. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the world of cryptocurrency, already receive the first income, feel like an investor-crypto-enthusiast. Also Russian development.

  3. So, are you looking for a good income, or an additional source of income? Here he is. I don’t know how much the entry threshold will be. But AMAZY is just the perfect opportunity to earn a good amount of money in the minimum amount of time per day. There are risks, you need to understand this, but they are not very significant compared to other ways of investing. Now you can try to grab NFT or IDO allocation through giveaways and activities.

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