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BITCOIN REVOLUTION provides its clients with a self-developed application for automated trading. The platform supports trading in cryptocurrencies, fiat, stocks and other assets. BITCOIN REVOLUTION cooperates only with trusted brokers. The minimum investment amount is $250. The probability of making a profit using this service is only 30%. More detailed information about the tool is not available.

3 thoughts on “BITCOIN REVOLUTION  Review

  1. Alan writes that all the positive reviews about Bitcoin Revolution are fake. He registered on the site and received a call immediately. The man decided not to fill in the data further and now he cannot delete his account. Then, too, calls began, allegedly from different companies. Naturally, he does not advise anyone to contact these scammers.

  2. Another author generally calls in his review to avoid Bitcoin Revolution like the plague. He filled in his data, but did not have time to replenish the account. As a result, on the same day, the man received 6 calls and countless emails. Since then, the spam from them has not stopped.

  3. There are plenty of negative reviews about Bitcoin Revolution. For example, foreign investors call this project a scam. One author writes that he received calls about 5 times a day. He is very sorry that he gave any details at all, including a phone number and email. When the man asked the manager to remove him from his database, he received only a threatening “we’ll see” in response, and the girl hung up.

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