FEXC Review

Website: https://fexcex.com

About company:

Digital assets are leading the charge

Create, Grow and Secure your wealth with FEXC

  • Top Performance for Fast Trading

Using LSEG Technology, FEXC is able to match orders with ultra-low latency for the ultimate trading experience.

  • High Security for Your Assets

FEXC is CCSS-compliant ensuring the safety of funds and client data.

  • Deep Liquidity & Tight Spread

Trade futures with leverage with maximum efficiency and minimal slippage.

  • 24/7 Service

99.999% uptime and 24/7 customer service available.

  • Easy to Use

A wide range of order systems and trading tools for risk management are at your disposal.

  • Trade Anywhere

FEXC is available on website, mobile app, API and FIX.

3 thoughts on “FEXC Review

  1. If all crypto exchanges are like FEXC, then I am deeply disappointed in this area. I don’t know what state the blockchain is in, but the limited choice of assets is very annoying. In addition, working through this terminal even with the same well-worn bitcoin is like walking through a minefield. Quotes jump as unpredictably as possible and this does not look like a real price fluctuation, the program simply troit and knocks out

  2. \administration – creatures! at least they warned that students should not work on the site! no, they accepted the money with great pleasure, but they don’t let you withdraw it! it’s a shame that there’s no one to complain to, no one to quarrel with, I hate damn scammers …

  3. This office has a very strange trader service policy. When registering, a new client is allowed to read the User Agreement (attention! without a hint of any commission). In my case, there was a transfer of $ 2,000, a tenth was immediately withdrawn, I still did not understand why. But here, little by little, your hard-earned money is pulled from each order, they do not allow you to earn anything. I doubt that people will agree to such conditions if they know them in advance.

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