FX Protrading Review

Website: https://fx-protrading.com

Telephone: [email protected]

Address: Marktgass 20, 9490 Vaduz, ​Liechtenstein

About company:

Our Strategy

At FXProTrading we evolve with the times. We aim to continuously refine our services to cater to the needs of traders in this highly dynamic industry.

  • Ultra-fast trade execution with no dealing desk intervention
  • Aggregation of prices from multiple LPs & access to a deep liquidity pool
  • Continuous research and development

Our Vision

Our customer centric approach places our clients’ needs at the heart of our operations.

  • Accessible trading to all through educational tools and constant support
  • Constant refinement of our services to meet and excel our clients’ demands
  • Adoption of ethical and transparent trading practices

Our Values

We are committed to creating a dynamic environment that equips traders with all the necessary tools for their trading experience with the utmost respect for them.

  • Unwavering commitment to transparency, excellence and innovation
  • Investment in research and development
  • Expansion and refinement of our business model to suit the trader’s needs

3 thoughts on “FX Protrading Review

  1. The charlatans are still the same. They squirm like a snake, just to get more money out of a person. The entry threshold also killed me. That is, you don’t really know who the broker is and what, but you already have to immediately invest 10 pieces. Sur!!!!

  2. From the first conversation with their manager, I realized that this was a scam. He asked me to send scans of all the documents, so he immediately began to give back and immediately fill in on how it is profitable to trade on their website. I am good at trading, so I started asking specific questions about swaps, charts, but even then I was disappointed. The manager got stupid, so everything is clear with them … They recruited a herd of sheep and prepared an advertising text for them, and they ignore everything else.

  3. From the first transactions, it became clear that FXProTrading is a good broker. I trade both indices and currency pairs and raise good amounts! Terpminal is very convenient, I figured it out quickly. Special thanks for the detailed and understandable graphics. They really help a lot in trading.

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