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About company:

The SBIT500 platform includes several services: a cryptocurrency exchange and an investment platform. The project was founded in 2019. Registered in Hong Kong. The investment component of SBIT500 is implemented as a copy trading service, which allows less experienced users to invest in the strategies of professional traders. Return on investment - up to 190% per year with a possible drawdown of 30%. The minimum deposit amount is $100. The exchange only supports trading of 6 cryptocurrencies.

3 thoughts on “SBIT500  Review

  1. In general, I have heard only the most positive reviews about LegacyFX. When I tested it myself, I realized that these commentators were clearly paid for by unscrupulous representatives of the office. I threw in 500 bucks, not only did not all the money come (supposedly commissions for input), they also pull the maximum speed from each order, as if they intentionally want to bankrupt us. Nothing of the kind is specified in the agreement, so this is a natural robbery. I do not advise you to stay here.

  2. This exchange is completely undeveloped. It is impossible to understand what to expect from this organization, maybe it will close tomorrow and there will be no access to the account. I subscribed to the pages of SBIT500 in social networks and also came to the conclusion that it is very risky to transfer money to the site I have not found a single positive review for two months. There is no license from the financial regulator either. Draw your own conclusions about what this might lead to.

  3. The representative of the company praised his platform to me so much that I believed in the possibility of investment earnings. He said that the minimum deposit is 100 USDT, which is a small amount for me, so I decided to take a chance. It was also bribed by the fact that the investment circle here is small … just a month. I would have to pay 30% of the income received, but such conditions did not frighten me at that time. I could not think that I would not be able to withdraw anything from this site at all. The conclusion is simply not provided!

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